About Zayka

Bunny (Zayka) is a well-known Internet character from popular videos, Bunny has a main Youtube channel and many minor ones.

Every year the views of the videos with the Bunny only grow and it is time to make cryptocurrency for Bunny.

Zayka Token

Zayka Token — is a cryptocurrency that is entirely devoted to the character Zoobe Zayka. Currency based on Ethereum using the standard ERC 20. Contact Address
You can buy Zayka Token at crypto exchange Livecoin.net
Statistics of token trading available on the CoinGecko

For whom was Zayka Token created?

  • For investors. Project Zoobe Bunny has long gained popularity on the Internet, in particular on the resource Youtube. Enter «Zoobe Bunny» in any search engine and you will see the scope and popularity of the brand, especially in the Russian segment. Bunny’s popularity is only growing, it is expected that the price of Zayka Token will also grow over time.
  • For fans of the character Zoobe Bunny. Now everyone can buy Zayka Token and be not just a subscriber, but a financial participant in the Zoobe Bunny project.

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How to buy or sell Zayka Token?

Now you can buy Zayke Token at crypto exchange livecoin.net, another exchanges are scheduled to be added later.

Where to store Zayka Token?

Currently, Zayka Token, like any other token based on the ERC 20 standard, can be stored in any wallet that supports this standard. Popular ones are MetaMask, MyEtherWallet and others.

How to add Zayka Token to your wallet?

In your wallet you need to select a new token and add the contract address 0xffb5531e6a916d228958016441146299ab5eddd0 Zayka Token there, after that the balance of tokens will be displayed in your wallet

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